You can hang out with your friends and earn some great rewards by making use of the Pepsi pass app. This app works well with Facebook and then you will get automatic reward points when you are with those friends who have the application. So, you can hang out with just one Pepsi friend and then get rewarded. If you hang out with a larger group of friends then you will end up winning more points in the game.

How can you earn points in the game?

Earning points in the game are pretty simple, just take selfies with your friends and remember that the more you can snap the better it be for you – a lot of more points!
Also, you can scan the emoji bottles of Pepsi and win some good points. Try and collect as many rare bottles as you can and then you will earn more points. Make sure you collect them all!

What would the rewards include?

All the cool stuff that you won’t get anywhere else. This includes getaways, tickets to concerts and also exclusive access to Pepsi events. You need to decide with whom you could share your rewards and also make sure you redeem your points appropriately.