The procreate is an application for raster graphic editing developed for iOS and iPadOS. This main focus of this app is to recreate the natural feel of the manual drawing and utilizing the benefits of a digital platform at the same time. It has so many features that are really helpful to create a physical drawing by yourself on the devices of iOS and iPados. This all can become possible if you have the procreate app in your device.

More information about the application

The latest version of this app is 4.3, it was first launched in 2011 by Tasmanian software company Savage Interactive. After that, so many fine artists to create awesome posters and drawings adopted it.

Features of this application.

It is optimized for iPad Pro and Apple pencil with ultra-high-definition canvas. This is powered by 64-bit painting engine silica M. 64 bit of color, 64-bit blemish sampling, optimized for iPad’s multiple cores, Continuous autosave, Keyboard connection/shortcut capabilities.

The features of the procreate app make it easy to draw your favorite paintings and posters on ipados or iOS devices. So many fine artists because of its decent features consider this app best.