The innovative Hulu revenue sharing is another example of why Hulu is so popular. The Hulu revenue sharing was created to let customers pay for the service with their monthly subscriptions.

You may have already heard about this from friends and family who use the service, but they don’t really explain it all. Hulu’s revenue-sharing system is so innovative that it should be fully explained. After reading this article, you will better understand the concept behind the Hulu revenue sharing.

Hulu currently has 14 different companies offering their own digital video programming service. By using the Hulu revenue sharing program, you can pay for the subscription service directly from your monthly Hulu subscription payment.

Each of the different companies has its own payment processor, so each month, you will receive a pay check from each company. All of the payments are collected on the same day and mailed to you via the same carrier as your monthly Hulu subscription.

The payments will be in monthly installments, depending on the amount of service that you’ve paid for, so it’s possible that you could end up paying a few years down the road. However, if you choose to sign up for the Hulu revenue sharing, you can effectively double up the amount of money that you pay to each company every month.

With this type of revenue sharing, it’s possible to still get the same kind of streaming service that you’re used to. You won’t be paying extra for anything different from what you’ve been used to. The only difference would be that instead of receiving the check from each company once a month, you’ll receive them all at once.

Since Hulu’s streaming service is known to be interactive, it’s possible that you will find different video advertisements for other products, so you may want to visit a different shopping cart when you go shopping online. The Hulu revenue sharing program is currently only available through the Hulu website, so you will need to have an account with the website in order to use it.