There is no one particular app that can be called the most downloaded app because there are so many such apps used by the users out there. But what are the common features that are preferred by users for their apps? Let us take a brief look at some of them which are mentioned below.

Features that every app should possess:

Apps should be user-friendly: people wouldn’t want a complicated interface. People are always looking out for ease and convenience while using their favorite apps on their mobile devices.

Keeping the app updated regularly: users wouldn’t want to use the app for a long time without any new developments made in it. Therefore, users are looking forward to new and good quality content of the app which can keep them engrossed in it.

Using the push notification messages: with the push notifications, a larger audience can be targeted and this is very important for the success of the application. Also, you can surprise your users by offering them some gifts, campaigns or rewards making them feel proud and worthy of using the app. This is one of the most practiced ways by which the success of a mobile app takes place.