Out there, you will come across different app store top-grossing, isn’t it? Well, if you are wondering what this is then let us tell you some more about it. There are these games on app stores that have become popular over time and then there are doing quite well too. So, here are some games, which are the top-grossing of the app store. Let us take a closer look at them.

Which are the app store top grossing?

Pokemon Go: this game has been making news since the time of its release. Well, everyone has seen the crazy performance offered by it. The reason behind its fame is due to some of the amazing factors it has to offer to all the players out there.
Candy crush saga: even before Pokemon Go came out there, we have had played this cool and colorful game – Candy Crush Saga.

This was one of those addictive mobile games out there. One of the main factors of the app store dominance of this game is its aggressive advertising. All you got to do is combine some easy and simple mechanics in the game which will give you good rewards after the completion of the level.